“Elementary school-aged theologians”

by The Rev'd Dane E. Boston

Here’s a beautiful reflection on choir camp written by my colleague, the Rev’d Canon Emily Hylden:


Having enjoyed several years of choir camps with Jamie Hitel and the choristers of Christ Church Greenwich, and after spending a week in Newport, Rhode Island with the wonderful choristers, organists, and leaders of the RSCM Course this summer, I can only add a loud “Amen!” to Emily’s reflections.

The young people singing in the great choral programs of our Church are engaged in some of the best formation imaginable. They are toiling—and “toiling” really is the right word: a good choir demands hard work!—among the great foundation stones of the Christian faith. The Psalms, hymns, anthems, and canticles that they sing go fearlessly into the most wonderful and difficult places of our tradition. Choristers who sing with spirit and understanding grapple with “the deep down things.”

And while grown-ups may sometimes find it a surprise, the kids can handle the hard stuff. Emily puts it best: “Such a mantle is not too heavy for young shoulders—indeed, it is the seed of faithfulness for many choristers.”

Go read Emily’s piece on the Living Church blog. Then go to church, where some of our youngest members are even now leading the prayers and praises of all God’s people—and where God is transforming every worshiper, from the youngest to the oldest, for his service in his kingdom.