Faith cometh by hearing…

It is truly a privilege to preach every week. The opportunity and the challenge of mining the Scripture (whether a lectionary text or the next installment in a sermon series), and exploring it with the same congregation Sunday after Sunday is exhilarating. But family joys, parish responsibilities, and the need to focus on each successive Sunday’s message all mean I am not able to edit and post much of anything here on my blog these days.

Recently, though, some wonderful parishioners made it possible to record and post my sermons online, and I wanted to share this new resource. Audio recordings of my sermons can now be found here. You can also access them from the homepage of our parish website.

You will notice that most Sundays include a recording from both the 8:00 service and the 10:00 service. While I am of course working from the same material for both, I regularly make changes or add comments or asides. Sometimes the edits are minor. Sometimes they are substantial. Sometimes they don’t really work all that well, and I find myself wishing I had stuck with my original version! But I offer up both, and pray that the Holy Spirit will move in my mistakes and infelicities as much as he does in those rare times when, by God’s grace, I get something right.

May the Lord bless the preaching and the hearing of his Holy Word–most especially in the internet age!