That Blessed Dependancy

"There wee leave you in that blessed dependancy, to hang upon him who hangs upon the Crosse…" -John Donne, "Death's Duell"

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Lenten Meditations: Round Two

In addition to the meditations I wrote for the week of the Third Sunday in Lent, I also produced three meditations for the week of the Fifth Sunday. (I shared responsibility for this week with another clergy colleague, alternating days.)

Look for those meditations in the days to come!

A Week of Lenten Meditations

The Lent booklet has become an annual tradition at Christ Church Greenwich. The rector divvies up one of the Gospels, allotting a passage to each day. The lay and clergy staff are then assigned a day (or a week for clergy) and are asked to write meditations on the given passage. Those meditations are collected into a printed booklet, and are also emailed out daily to folks on the CCG distribution list.

This year’s Gospel is St Matthew, and over the last few weeks we’ve had some great pieces written by my colleagues. I was given the week of the Third Sunday in Lent, and I’ll be posting each day’s meditation here on the blog starting tomorrow.